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If you're offering words - fanfic, original fic, printed fic, betaing/editing services for fic and non-fic alike etc. please leave a comment to this post.

In the notes section, please include anything pertinent to your offer such as if you are offering your item to the top so many bidders, whether you are willing to pay for shipping (if applicable), whether you have a "Buy it Now" price etc.

How to bid:

Bid by responding TO THE COMMENT that has the item you want to bid on

Bids must be raised by a minimum of $1US per bid

Do not delete bids - if there is an issue with your bid, please leave a comment to YOUR bid explaining what the issue is, or contact one of the mods

In the subject of your comment, please include the item you are offering and the fandom if appropriate.

Please use the following format in your comment:

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